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There are some pretty cool resources out there for the party world. I thought I would start a new series of “What to do with” I will share some cool ideas on how to use different mediums to create art and projects. First up, Washi Tape! The cute masking like tape that you can decorate with. Last weekend’s wedding we had a photobooth, and when guests added their photos to the guest book, it was secured with washi tape! Cute right?! Here are some other creative ideas and their original resources.

Washi Tape Keyboard Tutorial Here

Washi Tape used on painted vases to add texture and design.  original here

Covering clothespins with washi tape to hang pictures on rope, or perhaps making then in to magnets. original here

Take the messiness out of pumpkin decorating, create patterns on pumpkins. Perfect activity for toddlers! original here

Create bunting flags with Washi Tape. original here

Your picnic utensils never looked so cute! Cover plastic utensils with Washi tape. original here 

Wrap your gifts in kraft paper and decorate with washi tape! original here

Clear cups get a make over with some tape! original here

Decorate those cupcakes with washi tape flag toppers. original here 

Ready to start some washi tape projects? Here are some etsy resources to get some decorative tape (can also be purchased at most craft stores nationwide)

Shop 1

Shop 2

Shop 3

What are some ideas that you have used washi tape?! (share in the comments section)


Atta Girl Amy - Thanks for linking to my washi tape picnic! Love these other ideas, as well.

Gourmet Mystery Sleuth - I’m inspired to start my own craft. Love the washi tapes! This is such a great idea, I can’t wait to get my own! What are the best rolls to start with?

http://asian-culture-shop.com - thanks for the feature! We had way to much fun with this shoot!

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