{favorite things} Table Linens

If you entertain….at all, you should have 2 white linen table cloths on hand.  You put so much time and effort into planning the perfect soirée, please do not resort to plastic tablecloths! Even the kids table is better then that. It could be the dinner table or for a dessert buffet, it is always nice to have a floor length linen.  You can always add a table runner, placemats, or ribbon around the perimeter to spruce it up a bit. Options are endless.  Table Cloths Factory is a GREAT inexpensive (average $10 each) resource to buy some linens to keep on hand and that are reusable time and time again.  Why you are at it, get a variety of colored napkins to keep on hand for dinner parties. 

Sharnel - I couldn't agree more. And can I add that they should be floor length (at least on trestle tables) and well pressed!

Petite Marie - Right on!
Thanks for the link! Do you have personal experience with them? Just wondering about quality…

Couture Parties - I have ordered from them…and they are GREAT! Just a basic linen you can use over and over again.

Helen Guzman - All the way with you on this topic. Thanks for putting up that link… I am def. going to check it out.

AZPartyMamma - I agree! We use the plastic table clothes for other purposes LOL

PartyMom - While I tend to leave our dining room table 'naked' for parties, I try to make sure that folding tables are covered as close to the floor as possible. At my last party, I had to improvise with a white bed sheet since I couldn't find my nice white tablecloth!

I'm planning on using more tablecloths in the upcoming year, so I'll be heading over. Thanks for the recommendation!

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