DIY Chevron Tablecloth

Yes, I too love the pattern chevron. My theory is that Charlie Brown set the way for this trend 😉 When I was thinking of doing my studio windows, i was trying to think of a modern take on halloween. So I went with black, white and gold. Did you know trying to find black and white chevron fabric is not the easiest thing?! So I did what I know how to do….make it myself. Here is how I made a Chevron patterned tablecloth out of a clearance white tablecloth and duck tape!

What you need:


Duck Table

Flat Surface (I used my deck)

tape measure


How to:

Measure how big you want your pattern to be (I used 17 inches as a guide to start) so every 17 inches was a peak of the zig zag.

I laid the measuring tape across the tablecloth while I was making the points because me and straight lines are not friends.

Once you do all your 17 inch patterns, you can leave as is for a big zig zag effect or you can go in and fill the space with more lines (this time every 8 inches)

PS you can iron your cloth before hand, but I have a professional steamer and love using it so I did it after I made the duck tape pattern.

And here is how I used the tablecloth in my store window!


Pear Tree Greetings - You make it look so easy! It looks so great in the window! And the black and white manages to be bold and subtle all at the same time. Nice job! -Steph

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