Behind the Scenes at The Martha Stewart Show

Yes, you read it right….I am going to share my behind the scenes photos of the Martha Stewart show! This past week was bridal market. If you are not in the wedding industry, this may sound like a shop where you go to buy bridal “stuff”. Well I can assure you it is NOTHING what it sounds like! Yes it is wedding related, but it also involves high fashion couture bridal gown fashion shows in top notch NYC locations, the best of the best in the wedding industry breaking bread, and the BEST industry parties under the NYC skyline! (more on the parties and the fashion shows on my wedding blog soon) Now back to our regularly schedule program…the Martha Stewart show!  Because I was in town for Bridal Market, I was invited by the show to be their special guest (along with 5 other wedding bloggers) This was my second time to the show so I was familiar with the line, security, and Joey. (Martha’s audience enthusiast) But this time was a little different, I took my good friend Chicago wedding planner Ali Phillips with me.

When Ali and I walked into the studio we were greeted by Darcy Miller (editorial director of Martha Stewart weddings) who we both know from attending Engage events.  We were immediately whisked away to the green room where there were other wedding bloggers (super cool!) Martha was doing some voice over work in the next room so we had to be on our best behavior, which was hard seeing as we were having a mini engage reunion in the green room! 

Some of Martha Stewart Show Emmy’s
Then we were given an on set tour, let me just say, this was AWESOME! Everything has it’s place and a label….oh how I wish my home were this organized (sigh) 

This was the “junk” drawer…yeah I know, I wish my regular drawers looked like this! 

 Notes that tell Martha what to do during her segments (this was for a steak fajita recipe)

One of her guests was architect David Easton, so this is a model of a building he is designing.

And here is a recreation of the wedding table that was created for a lucky couple this summer, their wedding was held at the new Martha Stewart weddings for Sandals location in the Bahamas.  A special show called “A Martha Stewart Wedding: Bayou to the Bahamas” airs on Style Network 
Saturday, October 23rd, 9PM ET tune in, I saw a little behind the scenes footage and this couple is super cute! 
Darcy Miller getting ready for taping of segment

                                                  Getting ready for official show to start

 Table setting of wedding held at Sandals….simply gorgeous! (and normally I LOVE color, but the silver and white is so classic and elegant)

and of course I save the best for last…….The photo with Martha Stewart herself! 

 Left to right Me :), Kelly Oshiro, Harmony Walton, Randy Fenoli, Martha Stewart, Darcy Miller, not sure so sorry!!, Ali Phillips, Bee Kim, Nole Garey, and Rebecca Wood.

(last image source Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia) 


Ashley Hasty - THIS IS SO FUN!!! Her set looks even more beautiful "in person!" I bet that was quite an experience. I really love the rock candy right by her awards. Too fun.

Anders Ruff Custom Designs - Stephanie, my jaw dropped. WOW! You are so lucky. I wish you only the best with your new shop and continued success with your business.
All my best, Carrie


SO jealous you got to meet Martha!!!

Joy Nudd - This is so FABULOUS!!!! Great photos and awesome opportunity! So happy for you guys.

coolkids - that is so cool! Did they tell you what colors to where?

Wendy @ Whimsy & Wise Events - AH-MAY-ZING!!!!! So fabulous….so JEALOUS!!! - Congratulations on getting to meet Martha!! Wow what a fun day!

Sandi - wow! so fun to see all this!
I am dying over that kitchen…amazing!

A Blissful Nest - Oh my gosh how amazing!! That looked like a fabulous time. I can not wait to see more of your great journey!

Bird - WOW!! What a fab post! I love all the details you so sweetly captured to show us! :)

So..what's Martha like? 😀


kelli pptter - Amazing Steph!!! and great photos! Can't wait to her all about it!!

Save the Date for Cupcakes - HOW FUN! Love behind the secenes! Can't wait to see more of your shop too;)

Trisha Dean Events - Steph you are so darn inspiring! What an amazing adventure!!! Love it!

JC's Loft - What a fun time! WOW I can't even imagine having that opportunity!

Elif - thanks for sharing, far from Turkey, I am glad to see the whole atmosphere

next to Martha Stewart is Amy Atlas, I believe… :)
below her web:

below is her photo:

love your blog :)

Couture Parties - Thanks for your comments! Elif, no Amy and Kim were not here this day. These were wedding industry bloggers and business owners :) I was with them at another event, Lifestyle Bloggers is July :)

Elif - seriously?? I was so sure she would be Amy, she looks so much alike :)

Hope to see you in more events like this! :)

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